I must give some credit to those who try because making an attempt has to count for something.  At least by trying you are putting the energy out there to get things in motion.  But does trying really bring goals to completion?  Maybe in some cases.  But is trying really the energy you want to focus on when working to complete a goal, live your dreams, enjoy your life and salvage your relationships?  If you have been following me for a while then by now you know that all words and thoughts are energy and have influence over our experiences.

To “try” means you are not fully focused, committed or serious. So, you are either DOING it or your not. You do not complete projects, goals etc… through trying, it happens because of what you actually do. To try is to make an attempt at something. To do is to complete or achieve something.  When it comes to what I really want out of life trying is not an option.  If I’m not so passionate about the task at hand, I’m not that interested or I’m doubting myself, then I may just try.  When it’s something I care about I am not a trier, I am a doer!

Think about this for a second and put it into action or at least attempt (try) Lol.  See how things change for you once you make up your mind you are going to do something versus try.

There is no half stepping when you really want to make progress in life!


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